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Series 8000 Signal Conditioners

The Series 8000 Signal Conditioners are designed with a state of the are modular architecture to allow full input, output, and special function selectability and interchangeability. They can also be used as isolators, signal amplifiers and transmitters.

Add-Subtract Input Data Sheet.pdf
DC Output Data Sheet.pdf
DC-AC-Pot Input Data Sheet.pdf
Dual Limit Alarm Output Manual.pdf
Frequency Input Data Sheet.pdf
Frequency Output Manual.pdf
Multiply Divide Input Data Sheet.pdf
Single Limit Alarm Output Manual.pdf
Strain Gauge Input Data Sheet.pdf
TC-RTD-mV Input Manual.pdf

Series 8000 Signal Conditioners Series 8000 Signal Conditioners

Select the exact input, output, and special function board for your unique application. Plug these boards into the isolated power supply and mother board set and you are ready to go! Units can be field ranged and configured or an NLS authorized distributor can do this for you.

To design your Series 8000 Signal Conditioner, please follow the Ordering Guide sequence below.


  • Input, output, isolation power supply and special functions combined into one low cost modular unit.
  • One NLS Series 8000 Signal Conditioner can be used in place of two or three other manufacturer's signal conditioners.
  • Field-settable range and span configurable.
  • Large selection of input, output and special function circuit modules.
  • High performance fuse protected, linear power supply for full 1500Vdc isolation.
  • Versatile Industry standard pin for pin plug-in modules, 2.9" channel track or DIN rail mounting.
  • UL Recognized component, file #E138883.
  • High impact, flame retardant polycarbonate case (UL 94v-0).
  • Made n the U.S.A.
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Series 8000
Series 8000
Series 8000
Series 8000
Series 8000
Series 8000
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